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Organ Harvesting from Chinese Prisoners Confirmed

BEIJING, April 27, 2006 ( - The Epoch Times International, a New York based online journal specializing in China and related issues, has confirmed through independent investigation that the Chinese communist government has been using prisoners as a source of organs for the international and domestic transplant market.

The report verifies that organs for transplantation are very plentiful and available on demand in China and are supplied from prisoners. The prisoners are killed after they are found to match a patient who is awaiting a donor organ.

Reporter Dominic Waghorn visited the Orient Organ Transplantation Center in Beijing with a hidden camera, posing as someone whose father needed a liver. Beijing's Orient Organ Transplantation Center claimed to Waghorn that their hospital can get organs "the fastest" because it has the "best connections," with China's paramilitary police.

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