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Russian academician: Euthanasia in Russia will become a legal way to seize human organs

If a law allowing euthanasia appears in Russia, the risk of criminal seizure of human organs sharply increases, Member of the Russian State Duma, Doctor of Medicine, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences academician Sergey Kolesnikov (United Russia) told a REGNUM correspondent commenting on Senator Valentina Petrenko's initiative to draft such a law. "I respect Valentina Petrenko very much, but I do not understand what caused the initiative: either by willingness to draw attention or by some other reasons. I strongly oppose legalization of euthanasia. Corruption and crime rates in this country make me take such initiatives very seriously. So, it will become one of legal ways to seize property of an individual, depending on how the procedure is stated by the law," Kolesnikov believes. "It is no secret that there is a practice of signing contracts with elderly people on using their organs after their death. In this case it would be legal," he said.

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